The "Multi-Lift" - A better solution to van conversions


Try the Multi-lift with the Speedby-Bar attachement.

Fits to almost any make or model of car, truck, SUV or Motor-Home. It's super light-weight and requires no modifications to your car, truck or SUV. Just open the door, attached the speedy-bar to door hinge, mount the multi-lift and lift.

The MULTI-LIFT, an innovative, portable lifting system that lifts drivers and passengers in and out of almost ANY type of vehicle without any modifications. Weighing in at only 24Lbs and lifting up to 275Lbs, the MULTI-LIFT can be used in the car, van, RV or in the home.

"The only decision you should be making is what next car or van you want to buy regardless of the type or age of the vehicle, the MULTI-LIFT will fit."

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    Multi-Lift - A better solution to the expensive wheelchair van conversion.

    Multi-Lift in a standard 4x4 truck...


    What is the Speedy Bar ?

    Simply put the Speedy Bar is a unique quick release holder for the Multi-Lift. It allows you to mount the Multi-Lift to any standard make of car, van, truck or RV. We even have a trailor mount so you can be hoisted on a boat.

    For more information check out the attached video or call us for a demonstration.